Go BEYOND meets every Sunday night at 6:30pm for students  

11th grade through College



What is Beyond High School? What is Beyond College? These are just some of the questions that students have as they approach adulthood. 

 Go Beyond Ministries, is designed to build upon the foundation laid during a student's time spent in Level-Up Ministries. Beyond's mission, is to help students further their relationship with Jesus Christ by keeping Him front and center in their life as they begin to take bigger steps towards adulthood. Our hope, is that students would find their calling in Jesus Christ. We know that each and every student has a dream for their future, it is our passion to help them realize the "Kingdom Building" potential within their dream. We strive, to see students enter the world at large, completely in love with Jesus Christ, living out their faith, and reaching their community. 

Go-BEYOND Missions

Jesus told His disciples "Go, make disciples". He Himself said that He came for the sick. James tells us that pure religion before the Father is caring for orphans, helping widows, and staying clean in a dirty world. 

It is a joy for the students of "Go Beyond" to serve along side of Urban Outreach. We strive to serve at least once a month in the city of New Orleans. Most of our time with this outreach is spent serving the homeless with food and prayer.  

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